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"Hundreds of visitors have successfully used this course to make their very first bath bombs! The Brilliant Bath Bombs Course is packed with amazing recipes. You'll learn how to make make a variety of different bombs from the comfort of your own home!

Angela Wills - Savvy Homemade

Angela Wills - Savvy Homemade

THE TRUTH: Basic bath bombs are quite simple to make but it takes time and lots of experimentation to get it just right. 

THE GOOD NEWS: Luckily, I’ve already done that work! I’ve been making and perfecting bath bombs for years, and thousands of visitors have used my basic recipe to make their very first bath bombs."

This is a premium self-paced online course for making all sorts of different bath bombs. You can get access to the entire course right away and learn how to make bath bombs at home. 

This could be the first step on a journey to ridding yourself of store-bought products, full of unwanted chemicals and undelivered promises. You could even turn your skills into a new business! The possibilities are endless.

Lots Of Differant Bath Bombs

In this course you’ll learn how to make make bath bombs through 34 video-based lessons across 4 easy-to-follow modules. And you get a 100%, 30-day money-back guarantee!

Tried & Tested

You’ll use tried & tested recipes & techniques. You’ll color your bath bombs in creative, unique ways and apply aesthetic flourishes.

Instant Lifetime Access

You get access to the entire course right away. All lessons, videos, & downloads are instantly available online, and you can work through them at your own pace. You'll also receive a verifiable certificate of completion at the end.

Here's Why I Made This Course

With so much misinformation on the web these days, learning new skills is becoming harder. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a new recipe online and in my excitement buy the ingredients right away.

Then, only to find that the measurements in the recipe are inaccurate, the methods are vague and the finished product isn’t at all what I expected.

This happened to me a lot when I first started making bath bombs. So many recipes on the web that looked wonderful, yet so few positive experiences replicating them in my kitchen…

I’d say to my husband “I’m useless at this” as another batch of bath bombs crumbled on the countertop. How could I be getting it so wrong? In their pictures, their bath bombs look fantastic!

But after years of tweaking and experimenting, I’ve found that it’s nothing to do with me, and everything to do with these terrible recipes.

Today’s technology allows bloggers to get away with putting bad recipes online. And with social media carrying these bad recipes around the world, it’s difficult to sort the good stuff from the bad.

Angela Wills - Savvy Homemade

In the Brilliant Bath Bombs Course. You get access to the entire course right away and learn how to make lots of different bombs at home - Angela 

Instead of getting bitter about it, I’ve made it my mission to make failed bath bombs and other DIY recipes a thing of the past...

Module 1:

basi bath bombs

The Basics Of Making Bath Bombs

In the first module, you will learn all of our bath bomb recipes. These are my best and most reliable formulas, and have been tried and tested to ensure they are of the highest quality. You’ll learn how to make the most simplest bath bomb, with the fewest possible ingredients. Then, as the module continues, each recipe is more complicated than the last.

  • Express Bath Bombs
  • Basic No-Fail Bath Bombs
  • Oat Bath Bombs
  • Clay Bath Bombs
  • Milk Bath Bombs
  • SLSa Bath Bombs
  • Emulsified Bath Bombs
  • All About Aromas

Module 2:

DIY layered bath bombs

Using Colors & Dyes In Interesting Ways

In the second module, you will focus on how to color your bath bombs in creative and unique ways. You’ll learn how to use more than one color in a bath bomb, and in a variety of different ways. You’ll also learn how to make use of mica for super vibrant bath bombs, without staining you or your bath tub!

  • Using Mica In Your Bath Bombs
  • 50-50 Bath Bombs
  • Multi-Colored Bath Bombs
  • Layered Bath Bombs
  • Confetti Bath Bombs
  • Color Surprise Bath Bombs

Module 3:

DIY frosted bath bombs

Applying Aesthetic Flourishes

In module 3, you will learn how to apply aesthetic flourishes to your bath bombs. This includes how to top and embed your bath bombs with botanicals and funky objects, as well as how to apply mica paint and frosting to the surface of your bath bombs.

  • Botanical Bath Bombs
  • Painted Bath Bombs
  • Bath Bomb Embeds
  • Cup Cake Bath Bombs
  • Module 3 Activities

Module 4:

DIY Bubble Bar

Bath Bomb Inspiration Lessons

The inspiration lessons include some of the most complicated bath bombs that I ever made and are the perfect challenge at the end of the course. They’re sure to put your skills to the test, see below for more info.

  • Mooncake Shower Steamers
  • Psychedelic Bath Bombs
  • Peppermint Cream Bath Bombs
  • Geode Bath Bombs
  • Donut Bath Bombs
  • Bath Bomb Brittle
  • Bubble Bars
  • Lemon Fizz Foot Soak Bath Bomb
  • Love Heart Bath Bombs


Inspiration 1
DIY shower steamers

These shower steamers are a great way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while you bathe. However, unlike bath bombs, these lovely little steamers sit in the bottom of your shower. 

DIY orange bath bombs

There’s nothing like a burst of orange fragrance in your bath, but we can go one better. We can top our bath bombs with a whole slice of dried orange.

Bath Bomb Brittle
DIY Bath Bomb Brittle

This bath bomb recipe is amazingly simple but also super effective! Have you ever seen peanut brittle? This kind of a similar idea, but instead of food it’s gorgeous fizz and bubbles for your bath!

DIY Peppermint Cream Bath Bombs

I just love using peppermint essential oil in these bath bombs, because the melt and pour on top reminds me of peppermint cream. They’re the perfect gift at Christmas time!

DIY psychedelic bath bombs

If we increase our colors from two to four, we can make the most funky looking, psychedelic bath bombs that you’ve ever seen!

Bubble Bars
DIY Bubble Bar

Bubble bars are similar to bath bombs, but they’re more like cousins as they don’t fiz at all. What they do do, however, is fill your bath with lovely fragrant bubbles!

DIY Geode Bath Bombs

Have you ever been on vacation and a souvenir store is selling split geodes? They’re absolutely stunning! It's mesmerising how light passes through the quartz

Making Donut Bath Bombs  
DIY donut bath bombs

These donut bath bombs are your ticket to relaxation heaven. They look super cute, too!

Heart Bath Bombs 
diy love heart bath bombs

When Love is in the air, these little love heart bath bombs are the perfect little treat for someone special in your life, great for use at Xmas and Valentines day!

brilliant bath bombs certificate

Course Completion Certificate

Once all lessons are marked complete you can download a certificate of completion. This certificate can be verified using the unique serial number & QR code.

"Hi I'm Angela, and I'll be teaching you how to make no-fail bath bombs from the comfort of your own home!

I make most of the homemade things here at Savvy Homemade. I’m fearlessly dedicated to creating tried, tested recipes & products that will work for everyone. I'm an experienced soap maker, skincare formulator, author, busy Mom of 3, and recently a Grandma!

This course is the product of years and years of experimentation, and I'm so excited to finally let it loose on you all. 

I hope you love learning how to make bath bombs as much as I did, except at a much faster pace!" - Angela

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

My relationship with my students is built on trust! Everything we do at Savvy Homemade is tried and tested, so I'm confident that you will love this course. If I'm wrong, please accept my apologies and fire me over an email, I'll send you a full refund, no questions asked!

What Our Readers Are Saying

 Debbie S

These bath bombs are not only beautiful but fizz and smell wonderful. They go together very well if you follow the recipe exactly as written. Just completed 3 triple batches. I am gifting these this Christmas, so once they are all dried and packaged I’ll be good to go. Thrilled to have found your site! It’s the best and most informative one out there.

Antoinette S

I was looking to make some bath bombs for my grandchildren & came across Angela’s information. It was everything I was looking for. Every question I had Angela never hesitated to answer. I love how very well organized the course is.

Nicole F 

Love Love Love Your Bath Bomb Course! I’m going on day 4 of making awesome gifts - and I thank you!!!!! This has been a blast and I plan on using these recipes from here on out! I couldn’t have done it this well without your course! Thank you Angela you’re!

What Makes Savvy Homemade Different?

This is the perfect place for you to begin making your own bath bombs, as everything here has been tried, tested, and perfected by us. Because of that, you can be fairly confident that it will work for you, and to be quite frank, we can’t say that about most of the internet these days, can we?

You could be looking to make that unique gift for a loved one, or this could simply be a nice way to keep yourself busy while creating original homemade things.

Many people coming here are also eager to learn more so they can start selling online or at craft markets. This course will certainly allow you to do these things, and we’ll even sprinkle a little sense of achievement along the way!

Angela Wills
Living A More Natural Life

It’s incredibly satisfying to know that you made your own bath product with creative touches that are uniquely you and quality supplies and ingredients that are safe and chemical-free.

Lasts Longer & Saves Money

Bath bombs that you will make at home will literally wipe the floor with anything you can buy in-store. They usually last longer and potentially save you a lot of cash.

Lovely DIY Gifts or Products Sell

Many of these bath bombs make very creative gifts for your friends and family. You could be looking to make that unique, original gift for a loved one. Something that he or she will actually use!

  • Premium, add-free course.
  • More guidance & faster, more detailed answers.
  • Get access to the entire course right away.
  • 34 lessons, across 4 easy-to-follow modules.
  • Self-Paced online course. Work through it at your pace.
  • Lifetime access, take it again and again.
  • Tried & tested recipes. Express, basic, oats, clay, milk, slsa & emulsified.
  • Coloring bath bombs in unique ways. Using mica, 50-50, multi-colored, layered, confetti, color surprise.
  • How to apply aesthetic flourishes. Botanicals, painted, embeds, & cupcakes.
  • Inspiration lessons, Mooncakes, Psychedelic, Peppermint, Geode, Donuts, Bubble Bars, Brittle, Lemon Fizz, & Love Hearts

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

You can take this course anytime, anywhere! The self-paced online format allows you complete flexibility. The course is always available, even if you're not! You can complete it at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

You get unlimited access to this course for its lifetime, across all your devices. If there are updates or a new platform becomes available then you'll be able to enjoy that too!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

It's taken months to create this course and I believe it's great value for money! Everything we do at Savvy Homemade is tried and tested, so I'm confident that you will love this course! If I'm wrong, please accept my apologies and fire me over an email, I'll send you a full refund, no questions asked!