Cold Process Soap Made Easy

Making Your Own Soap!

Here’s how to make soap at home using a basic cold process soap recipe. It seems complicated at first, but it’s quite easy once you get started.


What’s Inside the Book?


A lot of folks express concern around making homemade soap, in particular the dangers
of working with soapmaking Lye. And yes you do want to take some precautions whenever you handle it. But, all that’s required to make homemade soap is a bit of common-sense.


The full rundown of the items that I recommend can be found at wholesale soap supplies and equipment. some of them you will have already, some you can make and some you will need to purchase. These item are not very expensive, so your setup costs will not break the bank!

Soap Recipe & Process

I’ll share my basic soap making recipe and method that I’ve
made dozens of times. It’s one of my favourite soap recipes, it’s made with simple ingredients to make a great creamy natural soap. It holds a good hardness and lathers up very well. We'll then talk briefly about SAP values and formulation.

About the Author

Angela Wills

Angela makes most of the homemade things here at Savvy Homemade. She's an experienced soap maker, skincare formulator, author, busy Mom of 3, and recently a Grandma! “Every day she shares her experience while crafting something new... it’s fantastic”. 

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Cold Process Soap Made Easy