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Angela x

Extremely satisfied

Yes I have tried some of the creams and love them. Always looking for what is next

Pam Blackwell

Love these courses

Thank you so much for these courses I have learnt so much I have done 3 of the 4 courses I just signed up for the bath bomb course too. Such amazing recipes love the videos to go with the text really hope you develop more courses!

Suzanne Gardner-clark

Better Than Expensive Big Name Brands

Since taking your course, I have been making my own moisturizers, serums and cleansers.
The recipes are as good as it gets. My creams are now better than the expensive big name brands, at a fraction of the cost.

Ellen McNally

Very Educational

I had already tried some of Angela's "recipes" and loved them. This class took it up a notch by learning about the different ingredients and how to formulate your own recipes. Looking forward to trying more!


Wow! I’m So Glad I Found This Site

It has been really difficult for me to find quality DIY content out there on the internet and yours is by far the best that’s come across my screen lately. Keep up all your hard work doing such an awesome job with these videos-I can’t wait until there are more new ones coming soon!



Your Ebooks are full of wonderful and useful information. I enrolled in your Bath Bomb course, but haven't started the lessons yet. I am very much looking forward to it. I also plan on taking your other courses.

Donna Cook

Excellent Course

I learned some really good basics. Highly recommend it if you are interested in starting a business or own personal use. Loved it!

Carol MacDowell

A New Path

Been searching Anti-Aging skin care products, reviewed hundreds only to find that even the cleanest products contained toxic ingred's. I switched to seeking DIY natural product recipes which led me to Savvy. Just finished the free course - and WOW. It is putting everything together. Moving on to next course. So excited. So motivated. So thankful

Sharron Bryan

Learning experience

It is so nice to be able to make my own oils, creams, & lip balm. So much better than the expensive store bought items & I know they are made from quality ingredients. Also, easy to make.


I've Enjoyed Your Course

I learned new things that will help me make a smooth clean cream for my face. Thank you for sharing, now on to practice making things.

Judith Witbeck

I LOVE This Cream

Finally someone who understands dry and/or mature skin! I have recently developed a love for oat oil and hemp oil. The oils in this recipe do not smell nearly as much as oat oil and hemp oil would! I am tempted to try substituting them in place to see how it turns out. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe!

Shawna S

Wonderful Class

I have been slowly going through the classes to absorb and understand the why and outcome. I find the classes have been wonderful and full of knowledge on the products used to create the creams, etc. I hope I have access to all the classes when I am done so I can fall back on them.

Rosemary Newton

I'm So Glad I Found You On Google

I have been searching, looking for a way to do my own skin products of course with natural ingredients. Im just in my 50's and start experiencing mouth lines and it does bother me, so I pray that your recipes will do me a favor. Thanks a lot


So Happy

I was looking to learn more about skincare and came across this site and so happy I did as I was able to learn from the course. It has been fantastic and hope to learn more. I would love to know about making your own deodorants, body washes and body creams if there's a chance to do a course on these I would sign up.


Love Love Love Your Bath Bomb Course

I’m going on day 4 of making awesome gifts - and I thank you!!!!! This has been a blast and I plan on using these recipes from here on out! I couldn’t have done it this well without your course! Thank you Angela you’re!

Nicole F

The Science Behind It

I wanted to learn how to make my own face creams, but also learn the science behind it and make sure what I produced was safe and effective, not just a recipe that I found online and someone else came up with. I liked the clear, to the point instructions and also the background behind it.


Great Course!

It is so nice to be able to make my own oils, creams, & lip balm. So much better than the expensive store bought items & I know they are made from quality ingredients. Also, easy to make.

Mary Boyd


This was an amazing course! I learned so much. I have already signed up for the facial lotions and bath bombs courses. Cannot wait to start them! I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year!


Bringing Out The Alchemist

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to take the facial lotions and bath bombs courses. I’m still in the middle of each course and am purposely going slow so as to really grasp the subject matter.

Can’t wait to keep learning!

Kimberly Michaels


I have been searching the internet looking for guidance to make creams and oils etc, I came across your course and had no hesitation in joining. Finally a place where not only did i learn how to make products but also books that have everything i could possibly need and all in one place. I have enjoyed doing this course immensely.

Lisa Chatterton

Amazing For First Time Learners

As a young entrepreneur doing everything on my own, from buying products to trying to start a business, the best thing I ever purchased was this course through Savvy Homemade. In the past year, I've come back and referenced, watch the videos, and figured out where I went wrong, Savvy Homemade is perfect, don't hesitate to buy!

Raylean Fletcher

Excellent Course

I have been looking for something like this for many years. Provided information that will allow me to create with confidence and produce quality products.
Would really like if there was a PDF format for this course. The ability to refer back to with out having to go back to computer. Other then that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Master Class.


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